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About Us

At Promos Online, our mantra is Easy, Affordable & Reliable.


We know that you are time poor so to make life as easy as possible we;


  • Don’t have a mind numbing range of products; we have culled the rubbish out and selected the best products from the best suppliers in the industry.
  • A website that lets you find and order products quickly and easily.
  • We won’t guarantee to be the cheapest; hey what you pay is what you get! What we do show you are all of the relevant costs – no cheeky hidden costs!
  • Let you be able to order straight away or get a quote if you want to think about it or shop around
  • Know when your product will be despatched
  • Get an email with a tracking number once the goods are despatched.

If you have a question just call us. We have over ten staff all with over five years’ experience in the promotions industry so we know how it works.


The bottom line is if we let you down, then you won’t come back so we understand the value of your business. - 100% Guarantee