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Executive Gifts

Promotional Executive Gifts & Corporate Pens offers a wide range of promotional executive gifts (mainly professional pens) to present to your business executives.


Why use executive gifts to promote your brand? Because executive gifts, in particular promotional pens, are the second most popular category in the promotions market and are probably the most cost efficient way to get your brand out there! If you look on your own desk, in your drawer, in the car or around the home I would almost guarantee that you will find a branded promotional pen. Promotional pens are very inexpensive and people hold on to them for months and months which means that they are seeing your brand over and over.


Why use Promos Online? We have designed our website to be as easy as possible to use. We have online pricing and instant quotes which includes all prices. Our online tracking allows you to follow your order once it has been despatched and our online sample lets you place you brand on any of our products so you can get a clear idea of how it will look. We could offer you prices that are so low that you could not believe how we could offer something so cheap. However we don’t do that because we use suppliers whom we trust who stock quality products. We maintain this philosophy with the complete range of promotional products that we offer from pens, clothing, caps, bags and more. If there is a problem with the product we have no hesitation in replacing the products.


With all of these key benefits and our customer support team there to assist you what more could you ask for? If you cannot find the garment that you are after contact us and our customer support team will be able to find it for you. We are here to support you make your event or corporate promotion a success.

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