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What is vector file format?

It sounds confusing but a vector file is made up of lines and curves joined together by anchor points which make it easier to edit, scale and apply spot PMS colours. If it is in vector format the file will end with any of the following

Adobe Illustrator .ai, .eps

Why do we need this? When it is in vector file format we can increase or decrease the image to suit the product we are applying your logo to without losing the integrity of the image that is it won’t get all blurry. If you create an image in a program like Adobe Photoshop, you are creating a bitmap graphic (which is NOT a vectored format). A vector graphic retains its crispness at any magnification, and a bitmap graphic appears jagged when scaled up.

There are other file formats such as JPG, PDF, BMP, PSD and TIFF files however these are image formats which cause the image to blur as we change the size. Some people think by saving a JPEG as a EPS or AI file that this works however it doesn’t work this way – it needs to be created as a vector file in either adobe illustrator, Corel draw or freehand.

How do I know if my artwork is a true vector file?

The simplest way to find out is to send your file to us and we can tell you. If you don’t have a file that meets our electronic requirements our design staff can turn your logo into print ready art work for

If you want to work it out yourself you will need to open the file in a vector based program. Adobe Illustrator is best. Highlight the logo and if you see highlighted edges and multiple anchor points the logo is true vector artwork.

If you don’t have Adobe software you can go to, upload your EPS logo and the site will show what the EPS logo looks like.

At the end of it all an Online Proof will be provided for you to review and sign off, please note that we cannot accept verbal approval. Production time does not start until we receive your signed approval on the art work.

What is a set up fee?

A set up cost is the fee required to create a die, plate, screen or another fixture that is then used to print your logo onto your product.

Each product has a unique imprint area and unique imprint method and therefore it’s required to create fixtures for printing each time you order a product for the first time.


Multiple set up fees.

If your logo has multiple colours in it then this will incur multiple set up costs. A screen needs to be created for each part of you logo that is a different colour. See the example below for Promos Online.

Set Up Explanation

Multiple product set ups.

The set up fee does not cover multiple products ordered. This is because each item has its own print area. For example printing on a pen can only be 8mm high but on a tee it can be up to 200mm high. A logo that is 8mm high will be very small on the tee so therefore there will be 2 set up fees.

The only time you would not have to pay multiple set up fees if you were printing the same logo on the same item but in a different colour.

Repeat set fees.

If you have purchased your promotional product already and you want to reorder the same product there will be a repeat set up fee. This is required for the decorator to set up the machine again and is cheaper than the original set up fee.

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