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Promotional Cheese Sets & Cheese Boards

Promotional Cheese Set - Pass the Cheese please!

From Ceddar to Tasty, Colby to Blue Vein, everybody loves a good cheese. Perfect for gifts and giveaways, a branded cheese set is a great way to get your brand on display whenever you are entertaining, or simply making lunch!


Cheese board

Of course. We offer Cheese sets that are packaged inside a cheeseboard. To take advantage of this convenience, take a look at our Jamieson Cheeseboard and Knife Set or our standard Cheeseboard and knife set. All of this is printed with your brand to maximise impressions while your guests enjoy the cheese.


Cheese on the go.

No problem, and what a great to way to show off your brand while out and about. Available in a cooler bag set (for the wine), our Kimberley Cooler Bag Wine & Cheese set is convenience and branding on the go. If you'd prefer something a little simpler, our Daytrekker Cheese set is a perfect little travel companion, and a cost-effective way to promote your brand as well.

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