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Help your company make a splash by using Promotional Umbrellas

Help your company make a splash by using Promotional Umbrellas

Don’t let a sudden rain shower ruin your client’s day. Gift a promotional umbrella to clients and they will be thanking you the next time they are caught in a sudden downpour.


Promotional umbrellas are a versatile and practical gift that clients will use. Singing in the rain with a promotional umbrella will not only make your client’s happy, but will give you the promotion you need to make a big splash. Promotional umbrellas are a very effective product as they are not likely to be thrown into a junk drawer, never to see the light of day again. It’s important for companies to keep their signature logos in sight where potential clients will see them.


Promotional umbrellas act as a walking billboard


Promotional umbrellas are one of the better marketing products because, when opened, they act as a walking billboard. Their size lends to a large space for a company’s logo or slogan and, when popped open, the design can be seen from afar.


Almost every company can utilize the marketing strategy of a promotional umbrella. When thinking of products to use to promote a business, a company’s marketing department should rely on useful products that will often be seen by the public. A promotional umbrella is just that type of gift.


What types of businesses can benefit from promotional umbrellas?


Businesses such as insurance companies, investment banking companies, racecar organizations, golf courses, beach hotels and even television news stations can promote their brand effectively with promotional umbrellas. Promotional umbrellas can be used at golfing events, outdoor weddings, picnics, on the beach, or even during a client’s leisurely troll.


How to incorporate promotional umbrellas in unusual places


For example, let’s say a senior group is planning a field trip to visit an outside recreational facility. A smart company would be very clever to donate promotional umbrellas for the outing. Imagine what an impression these umbrellas will make while all are opened at the same time. It would definitely be a strong, lasting image, therefore wiggling the company’s brand into the minds of other visitors at the recreational facility.


Promotional umbrellas are not the marketing product to skimp on


Promotional umbrellas come in all sizes and colors. If a company were looking to make an elegant impression, a single-color umbrella would suffice. If a company is more on the quirky side and wants to give a fun impression, it might lean toward multi-colored umbrellas.


However, be cautious when ordering. This promotional product is not one that companies want to use to cut on cost. Umbrellas can already be tricky enough to juggle while carrying a purse or briefcase, keys, a backpack, kids and a cellphone. Make sure when ordering this product that the promotional umbrellas are made of the best quality. If the umbrella doesn’t cooperate by refusing to open, or the stem breaks, or the canopy falls apart, your client is going to be left with drenched hair and sticky clothes for the rest of the day.

This incident will not bode well for your company, as every time the client thinks of that torrential downpour, they will think of your company in a bad light. So make sure that these promotional products are ones a company does not skimp on quality and price! - 100% Guarantee