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Promotional Sunscreen

Promotional Sunscreen? I hear you say incredulously. It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Come on, how on earth are you supposed to advertise your company through something as mundane as sunscreen? Well folks, it’s true. In all fairness to whoever came up with the slightly odd idea, it does actually have the potential to work. After all, most employees will go on holiday, probably to somewhere hot so, they will need sunscreen. By having bottles with the company logo on it, you can subtly build the global profile of your company. After all, the more customers you have worldwide, the more money you’ll make, right?

Not Just Any Old Sunscreen

So, what exactly is promotional sunscreen, then? Well, the majority of people should, by now know what sunscreen is, having been subjected to the torture of their mother rubbing them vigorously with the stuff when they were small. Well, promotional sunscreen is basically normal sunscreen in a bottle with a company’s logo on it. It’s pretty straightforward and not too hard to understand. Now, whilst promotional sunscreen may sound slightly stupid, it’s not too bad an idea. If you happen to be having a corporate bash, why not hand out promotional sunscreen as a party favour? Everyone, particularly people with fair skin which burns easily, needs sunscreen, especially in the hot months so why not add some sunscreen to your party favours bag? The thing with party favours is that, unless you’re going to have people manning the favours table all night, you’re going to want something which is decidedly unisex so, unless the guest list is completely female, promotional lipstick just isn’t going to cut it, as nice as that would be. However, everyone, no matter what their gender, race or age, needs sunscreen to protect their skin from any harmful ultra violet rays which they may come into contact with. Therefore, it is the perfect unisex gift for any corporate party.

Great Potential

Now, if you think that, well, one bottle of sunscreen per guest for your party favours simply isn’t going to cut it, you could look out for companies who don’t just specialize in promotional sunscreen. You could always purchase miniature bottles of promotional sunscreen as well as other promotional items such as the usual pens, key rings and, possibly some promotional confectionary. Come on, who doesn’t like to have a quick nibble on the way home from an awesome party? Here at PromosOnline, we don’t just specialize in one product; we specialise in several. Therefore, you might as well buy all of the promotional products which you will need for a year of partying at the same place.

Corporate favours needn’t be boring and, to be perfectly honest, promotional sunscreen is far from orthodox. So, why not get them talking for all of the right reasons after this year’s annual Christmas party or, if you have regular corporate dinners and parties to encourage new customers, why not show the new sunscreen off there?

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