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Promotional Buckets Caps & Hats

Promotional Bucket Hats & Caps

What was once considered a fisherman’s hat or a cover from the sun for an adventurous sportsman or hiker has now become a standard in the wide world of hats!

The bucket hat is the shield of the sun or rain warrior, the outdoor enthusiast, from beach babies who peek out from under them to the trailblazer who treks through brush and wilderness on a quest for real nature. What would the wilds of the outdoors be without these? A sunburned, windblown, wet, rainy, bug bitten mess. Promotional Bucket hats are the crossroads where fashion meets function, and as their popularity has grown, so has the endless assortment of styles that they are all available in!

Bucket hats come in every color, pattern and even a few variant styles that can be imagined! From pink and blue baby buckets, small funny animal and character kid buckets, fashionable and stylish lady buckets and floral patterned for the gardener to beige and camouflage looks for those who have every intention of getting off the beaten path! Perhaps the hunt is for stray golf balls out on the green, or seashells washed up onto the beach. Whatever the hobby, the bucket hat is the right accessory.

One of the best redeeming qualities about them are that they are travel friendly; they can be folded, flattened, rolled, squished, shoved, or tucked for convenience in taking them along when they aren’t sitting properly on a person’s head. They are weather friendly, keeping out the sun and wind and reducing a wet head when the rain comes. To that end, they are easily cleaned, usually coming out alright in the wash, ready for another adventure! They are durable and rugged, designed and made with the great outdoors in mind. Some are wider brimmed than others, some allow the sides to be tied up while others are downward sloped to offer more protection to the wearer. Because of their design, they allow some airflow through the top cap area, which helps to keep cool heads and reduces the danger of overheating in the blazing sun.

Many people like to decorate their Promotional Bucket Hats with different things, some fisherman like to keep hooks or lures on theirs, some people keep pins, and others tie scarves around the brim for added protection from the elements. Whatever the decoration might be, these hats are quite popular as well as being dead useful! Imagine having these handy gems as a promotional gift. A thoughtful, practical item that will be carried around and worn while simultaneously being branded with a promo that gets any message out all over the place to people in every walk of life, everywhere people go! No matter what one has in mind, a person can create their own custom look, size, shape, style and design, with drawstrings or without, with short brims or wide brims, in a huge variety of materials and in many different price ranges.

Promotional Bucket hats can be bought in several places, but creating a custom order online with PromosOnline will give you much more versatility in the styles and look that that you want t to share with your guests, employees, friends, family, staff, clients and customers! Everyone would be wearing that custom design and logo! That’s a lot of air time!

Pro Tip: For those who have purchased bucket hats previously, please give us a try! We guarantee we'll knock your hat off with our service.

Bucket hats make an ideal novelty for any event; a truly good favor that will benefit everyone, as well as promoting the cause.

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