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Promotional Singlets

Finding and Designing a Custom Singlet

In the world of sports, singlets are one of the basic fundamentals. A singlet is typically a one piece uniform made of spandex, nylon or a spandex/elastic blend, which is very snug or form fitted, that an athlete wears while playing or competing in sports. The closer the article hugs the body, the less chance an opponent has of grabbing on to it, or in the case of solitary sports such as running or biking, a tight fit means less wind resistance and good support. Tank top style jerseys have now fallen under the term singlet as well, and there are many styles available, especially online where one may custom order their own branded singlet. They can come in any color and are frequently designed with a particular teams colors and logo emblazoned on them to promote and identify that team.

They are used in several sports including amateur wrestling, middle and high school wrestling, college wrestling and freestyle or Greco-roman wrestling. Some professional wrestlers have used them, although that fashion trend has declined among the pro wrestlers in recent decades. Singlets are now worn in many different forms of sports: bicyclists wear them, as well as many who play basketball, hockey, go running, do weight training or weight lifting, and workout at a gym, just to name a few.

Most singlets are measured for the chest area, as a T-shirt might be, although with some singlet styles trending toward a much more open look, such as the brief or shorts style that has shoulder straps on it, the chest size becomes irrelevant. These are tiny micro-small singlets which are created more for looks than they are for the practicality and purpose of use in a sport. Aside from the fashion fads, there are three traditional styles for a singlet, designed with wrestling in mind. The first is the low cut, which is basically a pair of shorts with shoulder straps, although there is more coverage to these than in the aforementioned super small micro sized singlet. Also, the low cut singlets are no longer allowed at international gaming competitions such as the Olympics, among others. The second is the FILA style, which is trimmed to about the rib cage area, leaving a little more open space, which helps allow for cooling and air on the athletes body. The third is the high cut, which is essentially a tight tank top, as the cloth for the torso, chest, and back cover the majority of those areas. The backs of singlets can vary greatly, available in anything from a single strap up the middle of the back to two shoulder straps or a moderate to fully covered back, any of which are dependent upon the overall style of the piece.

Pro tip: getting elastic in the leg holes of a singlet will help keep the piece from sliding or moving where it shouldn’t be. Also, after cleansing the piece in warm or tepid water, always hang it to drip-dry rather than putting it through a hot dryer, as the high temperature in the machine would damage the elasticity of the material.

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