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Promotional Lanyards

How using Custom Printed lanyards can be a great way to get the word out.

Lanyards are typically a very economical and versatile way of advertising for a company, cause, or to help grow the image of a branded product. They are useful items that can be used for carrying identification badges, security cards, cell phones, small storage canisters, and much more. Many people use and some even like to collect them. They can appeal to people of all ages, making them a good medium to cover multiple demographics for marketing.

Advantages to ordering using Custom Printed Lanyards online.

When a company is looking to to advertise with promotional products and want a budget friendly item, lanyards can be a good choice. They are also convenient to order as well. Here at PromosOnkine, we deliver to popular destinations such as Melbourne, Sydney & Queensland in Australia. We also offer significant discounts on bulk orders with reasonable shipping rates. Another standard in online ordering is the ability to easily get a quote for a potential order, which can be a big advantage when pitching ideas and comparing different services.

Using Custom Printed Lanyards inside a company.

In business it can be the little touches that make a difference. Using customized lanyards for your employees can help reinforce unity, security, and promote the company's image. They can also be used as part of incentive programs to help denote those who have gone the extra mile and achieved either a certain rank within the company, or met a particular goal. With the level of customisation in both style and color, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using them for employee organisation and incentive.

Custom Printed Lanyards for marketing.

What makes lanyards so great is that they are small in size, light in weight, and make for convenient giveaway items during a promo event. For small and large business, taking advantage of their popularity among tourists can also be a simple way to effectively get their name out there. One example is to offer them as a “free” item with purchases. Their low cost make them easy to afford for such popular style of offers. Aside from giveaway with purchase items, lanyards are also a give general giveaway items at fairs, concerts, and other large promotional events where there is a lot of people and movement. Offering the style of lanyard that is more versatile in what it can be used for make them really hot items at events. People who get them not only make note of your company, but also will ask about the lanyard and be lead back. Interests can start small and flourish into quite a lot of business.

Lanyards can be useful for promoting causes and raising awareness.

In combination with using custom lanyards to promote a brand or business, the same useful marketing strategy can applied in raising awareness and support for a cause. Diseases, endangered species, political agendas, anything and everything can be represented on a lanyard and used to also raise money for the cause. Slogans and pictures, specific color schemes and even logos can often be easily used to create a useful token for people to wear. In the same theory as wearing a button or sticker, the cause-themed lanyard gives the supporter something versatile and easy to use in daily life. Organisations trying to raise awareness often use trinkets as gifts for people who make donations and something small such as a lanyard, is ideal.

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