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Promotional Golf Products add a special touch to any round

Promotional Golf Products add a special touch to any round


For most companies, promotional marketing products play a vital role in the continuous growth of a brand. It’s very important for businesses to constantly have their logo in the public’s eye. Promotional products are a win for both the business and the client; customers enjoy useful products and businesses gain potential clients with each promotional tool passed out.


What are the demographics of the average U.S. golfer?


Demographically, U.S. male golfers make up 75 percent of players. Women golfers make up 22.5 percent of players. The average age of a player is 54 and the average salary of a golfer is $95,000.


Companies who cater to golf’s demographics would be wise to use promotional golf products


Promotional golf products have a place in companies who cater to these types of individuals with high incomes. Investment bankers, life insurance agents, politicians, and real estate agents – just to name a few – could establish lasting client relationship with a gesture as simple as a gift printed with the company’s logo. Also, beverage companies may benefit from these kinds of promotional products, because hey, what golfer doesn’t like a refreshing drink while teeing of on hole no. 9?

Promotional Golf Products

How to break the ice using a promotional golf product


There are many important reasons for the companies listed above to increase their arsenal of golf promotional products. Offering a product to potential clients is a way to break the ice about what a company can do for the consumer. It is a line of communication that can be open for a long time. Handing out a promotional tool is a way to get potential consumers talking.


Promotional golf products are also an important strategy in marketing in that they stick around for a long time – that is, if the golfer doesn’t take a drop by miscalculating his aim. Imagine a golfer looking into his bag and pulling out a tee inscribed with a company’s logo. For the rest of his game, he may continue to think about the company until the eighteenth hole.


Golf isn’t just a sport of leisure, either. On the course, deals are made, potential clients are wooed, and strategy is discussed. Giving golf promotional products during deals leaves a long-lasting impression all the way to the next round.


Golfers are apt to eccentricities, what better way to market to them than fun accessories?


Golfers love accessories and making flashy appearances on the golf course. It is said that golf is a gentleman’s game, a game where appearance and style matters just as important as having a silent course while teeing off. What better reason for a company to place their logo on a golf accessory? Fun products such as multi-colored golf tees and golf balls and are great marketing tools for the golfer to add a little splash to their gear.


Golfers will play in any weather condition. Umbrellas are basically a walking advertisement board for a company. Rain caps are also an ultimate necessity for the serious golfer.


More bang for your buck by thinking outside the box


Thinking outside of the box for promotional golf products will receive even more recognition. Items such as refillable water bottles, clips for golf bags, golf towels, beer cozies and shoe bags are totally unexpected and will make the client feel appreciated for the small token.


Regardless of how a company chooses to present its products on promotional golf items, they will all leave a lasting impression. The amount of money spent on promotional products is a small price compared to the longevity of the company’s branding. The more branding circulating in the consumer field, the more recognizable a company becomes. And more recognition turns into more revenue. - 100% Guarantee