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Stylus Pens

Custom Stylus Pens for your devices

Add custom stylus pens to your marketing and promotional plans! These handy little pens are a must have in the modern world and with all the electronics devices available to us, a custom stylus pen will constantly be on show. It can reinforce the idea that your company has a lot to offer its customers (starting with complimentary custom stylus pens).


Feel free to browse and order from our selection of promotional stylus pens! Headed to a tech-centered business meeting or conference? Hand out custom stylus pens as gifts and giveaways. Do you use tablets and touch screens in the workplace? Stylus pen use keeps them fingerprint free and preserves their clean condition. PromosOnline also carries stylus and pen combos so your recipients can effortlessly switch between writing and touch screen navigation. Do you have a promotional giveaway coming up? Add a selection of custom stylus pens to your tech-based giveaway!


PromosOnline have experienced staff that can help you in either selecting product or advising you in the best way to decorate it. We can also talk to you about some of the products that have successfully worked for other clients at their events of promotions. We understand how important it is to get the right product for your corporate event on time, if you don’t have all of the above then it can either be a waste of time and money or can boost your brand and reputation. We guarantee the quality of our products and that they will be delivered on time.

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