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Custom Rulers Made to Your Specifications Make Great Giveaways

Using promo items to advertise your company is the best way to reach a wide audience without paying over-the-top prices. One of the most useful, long-lasting items you can use to promote your company is a simple ruler. Depending on what products are available, you can order your ruler in any shape, size, and colour imaginable. The majority of custom rulers can be ordered with your company's name and logo branded right on it, so whoever uses the ruler will have a long-lasting and positive reminder of your company.

A Great Gift for Students

If you're promoting your company using custom rulers, you can appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Everyone from businessmen to housewives can use a ruler, but no one uses a ruler more often than a student. From homework to maths, a student uses a ruler in their studies every day, all day. It doesn't matter if they're in primary school, secondary school, or going to university, a student always carries around a ruler. Nearly every field of maths requires a ruler in some way, from geometry and trigonometry to algebra and calculus, so students will always have a use for a ruler.

If students fall in your target audience, there's no better way to market to them than with custom rulers. Other forms of advertising are forgettable and can be expensive. Custom rulers are a useful and durable way to advertise. Every time they reach for a ruler it will have your name and logo printed on it, so they will always remember your name.

A ruler is always a useful item, so no matter who you give it to, it’s likely to be saved in a desk drawer indefinitely, and will remind the user of your business every time it’s taken out for use.

A Short History of the Ruler

From the bronze rulers of ancient China, to the retractable tape measure, rulers have been a part of our culture for thousands of years. Originally, rulers were based entirely on parts of the human body. Depending on the place and the time period there were many different measurements, but three main denominations pop up throughout history. The hand, foot, and cubit have been used by every civilization from the Egyptians to Australia, U.S.A, and the U.K.

Before the adoption of the metric system in the late 1700s, every person was able to use their body parts for accurate measurement. A hand was the length of a hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, a foot was measured from heel to toe, and a cubit was the length from the base of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. The Egyptians were able to build the pyramids using nothing but hands and cubits.

Now we have the metric system that is a much more precise and reliable form of measurement. Rulers that used to be made out of bronze are now made from wood, plastic, and steel. You can even get custom rulers made exactly to your specifications and delivered directly to your door.

Order Custom Rulers Online Today

When ordering online, you can't past PromosOnline. We're based in Melbourne is able to ship custom rulers anywhere in Australia for a fraction of the price it would cost to get them directly from overseas. Ordering from outside the country can be risky too; you never know if you're going to be getting a quality product. When you order from a Melbourne company you'll easily be able to contact us with any questions or comments about your purchase. Call us today for a sample and a quote on 1300 701 100.

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