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Promotional Torches add a safety factor to a company’s marketing tool belt

Promotional torches add a safety factor to a company’s marketing tool belt

Promotional torches are often overlooked in the marketing department. They don’t carry that cool factor, but they do carry a functionality and safety factor. Promotional torches can be greatly used in marketing for a variety of businesses and event promotions. Government officials such as police officers, maintenance personnel and car sales persons are just a few professionals who can utilize promotional torches.
Promotional torches offer a safety effect. They can be found in many different styles and colors. There are, of course, different sizes and types. Some can hook onto key chains others are large enough to use a weapon. Many consumers rely on the small, press-button torches that are used when unlocking doors late at night.
Promotional torches can be used in many instances
Torches are often important during police work. While officers protect our streets from evident crime using flashlights to guide them in dark corners, they can also use them as both a promotional device and safety device for citizens of the community to ward off criminals. Officers usually hold events to promote a sense of community in their cities. At these events, officers can pass out torches with police station’s phone numbers printed on the side. They can offer smaller torches to children to help in teaching them their first rules of safety. For women, they are perfect for adding to key chains in the event of walking in a dark alley or returning to their car after work.
Plumbers or any type of maintenance workers, with their crouching and twisting into dark corners underneath the sink, use torches on a daily basis. No maintenance personnel are without a torch. To increase repeated business, maintenance professionals would be smart in passing out torches with their logos and contact information imprinted with a catchy slogan.
Electricians are the perfect candidates for using torches as promotional products. When the lights go out, what’s the first thing a person reaches for? A torch. The second thing, a phone book to contact the closest electrician. However instead of spending precious moments searching for a phone number, the electrician’s number is right on the flashlight. A genius idea!
Another industry that would benefit in passing out torches is the car dealership market. Usually dealerships send out calendars or key chains to their happy customers. Torches would be perfect in this promotional marketing idea because they are unexpected, functional and fit right in the glove box. This way when the tire is blown on a dark, desolate highway, the customer can just pop out the torch, replace his tire, and continue on his way to the destination, all the while thanking Jim Bob’s Dealership for their thoughtful gift. 
Television news stations can use torches as promotional gifts for viewers who submit the correct answer to the morning show’s broadcast trivia game. This usually is used in the form of the meteorologist’s tricky questions about what record temperature was set on that particular day. The meteorologist’s trivia game also plays into the safety factor of promotional torches. In some markets, tornadoes and hurricanes are a dangerous environmental part of life. Many residents in these areas prepare themselves for Mother Nature’s fury by placing torches in their safety preparation boxes. 
While torches may not be the coolest gadgets, they still are a reliable marketing product. They offer safety and a sense of security when things don’t happen according to plan. - 100% Guarantee