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Promotional USB flash drives are savvy, inexpensive marketing tools

Promotional USB flash drives are savvy, inexpensive marketing tools

Flash drives are kind of an unexpected and useful promotional gift. Rather than receiving the regular coffee cup or tee shirt that companies pass out, flash drives are a very practical and savvy marketing product. Each time the USB flash drive is used, it is an opportunity to showcase a company’s brand. As they are usually used repeatedly, this promotional product puts the company’s brand in the forefront of a customer’s mind. Not only can they be used for goodie promotions, they can also serve a vital part in promotion of a brand with content contained on the drive.


In today’s fast-paced world, everyone appreciates a USB flash drive. They are wonderful for quickly transferring information from one computer to another and backing up files from a computer. Many different companies can benefit from using flash drives as a promotional product. From professional photographers, to tech companies, to colleges, these marketing products would make great gifts to influence potential and existing customers.


How can companies benefit from promoting with USB flash drives?


Professional photographers would be smart to advertise with USB flash drives. Place the photographer’s logo on the flash drive and fill the drive with a few select free photos. Customers from wedding parties to birthday parties can swap out the flash drives for the best photos and create even more brand recognition for the photographer.


Universities are also a great institution that can benefit from using USB flash drives as a recruiting tool. When students visit the campus, colleges usually load them up with goodie bags. Slipping in a USB flash drive, that includes a well-crafted video explaining the best the school has to offer, would guarantee a savvy image. Again, with the inherent reusability of flash drives, future students may unconsciously pick their college based on seeing the school’s logo.


If a business is preparing for a company-sponsored event, such as a charity walk or promotional event, the company can pass out flash drives loaded with photos, or a video explaining their mission and contribution to the community. Recipients can then reuse these flash drives for their own personal business.


In-house employee promotion with USB flash drives


Also, don’t forget about the employees of the company who are using USB flash drives in their daily off-site work. If an employee is away from the office and working in a coffee shop, customers in the coffee shop will see the logo of the employee’s company and may even strike up a conversation. This interaction gives the employee the opportunity to seize this interaction as a tool to talk about the wonderful things her company does – and maybe gain a new client.


When purchasing USB flash drives, the business should be aware of the amount of megabytes they need to cohesively place the specified information on the flash drive. Videos take up a large space of megabytes as do music. Word documents, spreadsheets and photos, not so much.


USB flash drives are easy on the budget, too


Not only are they a cool branding tool, they are also easy on the company’s checkbook. You can order them in bulk, with prices ranging from $5 to $25 depending on the size of the order. PromosOnline also have the flexibility to also add your own logo or mascot to the flash drive too.


Add a lanyard to these little inventions, and you’ll have a neat marketing product that will last until the next great tech invention rolls around. - 100% Guarantee