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Using Promotional Stubby Holders as part of a Good Marketing Strategy

When dealing with heat in Australia, or any place that can reach unsavory temperatures, it can take a lot to keep drinks cool outside. Be it at the beach or an outdoor event, keeping cans of drink cold can be a challenge. One nifty invention though, the stubby holder, can not only help give it some insulation and keep your hands dry, it can also be a great way to promote your business, cause, or branded product. Synonymous with beer, the stubby holder also applies to any sort of drink that fits into a can so it is another item that can be versatile in demographic marketing. It also available in a wide variety of colors, which can suite many styles of logos and design schemes.

Ordering Promotional Stubby Holders.

Melbourne is a growing metropolis, with a thriving economy and home to a lot of commercial businesses. It is also home to many promotional companies, but none more impressive than PromosOnline. You can get a quote and order easily from our website, and our team are always available for chat and a willingness to help you pick the right product for you. You can make a fully custom stubby holder in minutes and rest assured your promo items will be shipped in a timely manner.

How Promotional Stubby Holders can be used.

Among some of the most cost-effective items to use for promoting your business, event, or organisation, stubby holders can be ideal for just about anyone. Custom colors and logos, and even images can be added to this simple item. Their popularity in many cultures make them easily recognised and used. Which translates into great items to use in a tourist-rich area. Businesses can use them as either cheap or giveaway tokens to customers and help encourage repeat business. They can even be done in unique sets and contests made out of collecting them all. There are many interesting and creative uses for promotional stubby holders, and given their thrifty pricing, they are one item that should be taken advantage of when possible.

Charitable organisations can even take advantage of their low price and use them to help promote their cause by using them as gifts for donations. Schools can also use them as part of a fundraiser event with a good profit margin. Adults and kids alike can make use of them, and anyone can enjoy the benefit of keeping their drink cooler without their hands getting wet from condensation. Large scale events that involve a lot of time in the outdoors where drinks are bound to be made available create an opportunity to use promotional stubby holders in a way that will have most people acknowledging the information on them.

More practical uses for promotional stubby holders include using them at company-sponsored events. While it sounds simple, it is little things that help a brand grow at times. If people grow accustomed to an image or icon, it becomes a household term and increases a tendency for more revenue from that product. They are also practical as inner company gifts and keepsakes from company events.

Versatility means there is no limit on what time of year they are good for.

Traditionally used for keeping cold drinks cold, stubby holders can also help insulate and protect hands from drinks of a warmer variety. Paired wit the right-sised cup promotional stubby holders can help promote your business or cause through all the seasons. Their soft and easy to grip surface make them ideal promotional items to the whimsical and practical alike. Using different color schemes with your logo can even allow the advertising to adapt with the seasons while keeping your message clear. - 100% Guarantee